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At inico DIGITAL, we are a team of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals in the field of digital education and training.

With a collective background deeply rooted in eLearning, instructional design and digital training technology, we are wholly committed to staying at the forefront of the latest trends in educational technology. Our team has had the privilege of working on a diverse range of eLearning projects, showcasing our expertise and dedication to delivering impactful learning solutions.

From designing and developing interactive courses that captivate learners to leveraging innovative tools to enhance the educational experience, our goal at inico DIGITAL is to create learning solutions that inspire, empower, and drive results. We invite you to explore the showcased projects below, where our team has collaborated, developed content, and implemented strategies that align with the principles of learning. Each project not only demonstrates our technical skills, but also our commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment.

Moypark eLearning System

At inico DIGITAL, we are experienced in leading transformative initiatives for organisations like Moy Park, leveraging innovative online learning techniques and technologies to redefine internal processes and enhance overall efficiency.

During the years 2018 to 2024, we undertook a critical project at Moy Park, focusing on the integration of SAP and MTech systems to streamline operations and benefit external stakeholders.

As part of our role, we designed and developed a comprehensive digital learning programme using tools like Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate & Creative Cloud and xAPI. Our expertise in eLearning development and instructional design ensured the creation of an engaging and effective learning experience for Moy Park’s workforce.

Articulate Storyline served as the cornerstone for building interactive content and seamless navigation, while Adobe Creative Cloud enabled us to develop visually appealing assets, enhancing the user experience. Utilising xAPI provided valuable insights into user engagement and learning patterns, allowing for continuous improvement of the learning materials.

A key challenge was establishing a robust tracking system, which we addressed by implementing TraX LRS. This enabled meticulous monitoring of learner progress and facilitated real-time adjustments to enhance the learning experience.

The successful implementation of our initiative resulted in the seamless integration of SAP systems within Moy Park’s internal workflows and the extension of MTech systems to external suppliers, fostering cohesion and streamlining the ecosystem. Beyond technical implementation, we collaborated closely with trainers, end-users, and stakeholders to ensure alignment with organisational objectives.

This project exemplifies our proficiency in harnessing cutting-edge technologies for instructional design, showcasing our ability to drive transformative changes across organisational structures. At inico DIGITAL, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive meaningful outcomes for our clients.

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At inico DIGITAL, our team has excelled in leading the successful global launch of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and digital academy content.

In a dynamic career spanning over four years, our Digital Education Solution Architect at Verint Systems played a key role in shaping innovative educational solutions. As a proud member of the Professional Services team, their expertise was instrumental in orchestrating the seamless deployment of the global LMS and the Digital Academy.

At the forefront of this accomplishment was their role as a project manager, steering the courses through intricate challenges and ensuring the successful implementation of these transformative educational platforms. The global launch of the Learning Management System and Digital Academy underlines our commitment to delivering solutions that empower digital learners worldwide.

In addition to this milestone, our responsibilities extended to hands-on hybrid project management, overseeing digital enablement programs for private and public-sector clients. Notable collaborations include projects with the United States Postal Service, Sprint, SKY, and Best Buy. The strategic and meticulous hybrid project management approach employed ensured the seamless integration of digital education solutions into their existing frameworks, fostering innovation and driving organisational growth.

As we continue to chart new territories in the realm of digital education, the experience gained and the achievements unlocked during the tenure at Verint Systems remain integral components of our professional journey, positioning us as forward-thinking Digital Education Solution Architects with a proven track record of success.

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At inico DIGITAL, we have been instrumental in transforming the digital learning processes and culture at colleges with over 25,000 students.

As the Head of Digital Learning at Northern Regional College, our team played a key role in revolutionising education through innovative digital strategies. Over two years, we contributed to shaping the college’s learning landscape, particularly through the development and implementation of a Digital Learning Strategy.

This strategy aimed to seamlessly integrate technology into education, enhancing the learning experience for both students and educators. It included initiatives such as online courses and advanced learning management systems, with the goal of making education more accessible and engaging.

Working closely with stakeholders, we also played a role in co-authoring the Strategic Improvement Plan, aligning it with the Digital Learning Strategy and broader institutional goals. This ensured a holistic approach to promoting excellence in education.

During our tenure, a significant achievement was the successful execution of the Digital Learning Strategy implementation plan. This involved organising training programs for faculty, fostering a tech-savvy culture and establishing robust support systems. The outcome was a dynamic learning environment where technology catalysed innovation, collaboration and improved learning outcomes.

This experience reflects our dedication to leveraging digital tools for the empowerment of educators and inspiration of students, leaving a lasting legacy of progress in the college.

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At inico DIGITAL, we revolutionised careers guidance with AI-infused eLearning: 21 co-designed modules, personalised support, and dynamic dashboards for careers professionals.

Between 2019 and 2023, we led the conception and execution of a creative project, overseeing the design and development of an innovative online learning system tailored for Careers advice. Emphasising customer-centric principles, we crafted and implemented 21 interactive e-learning modules spanning seven crucial topics.

The project’s core innovation lay in the integration of generative AI, seamlessly embedding extra individualised support within each module. This not only elevated the learning experience but also ensured a more personalised and effective guidance system for users. The AI-driven enhancements dynamically adapted to each participant’s progress and needs, fostering a dynamic and responsive educational environment.

To empower careers professionals, we engineered a comprehensive drillable dashboard. This feature provided at-a-glance insights and key data points for each participant, enabling professionals to make informed decisions and offer targeted guidance. The dashboard streamlined the monitoring process, facilitating a more efficient and impactful interaction between career advisors and learners.

Throughout the project lifecycle, we maintained a holistic approach, collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration of design and development elements. The outcome was a cutting-edge online learning system that not only met but exceeded the needs of both learners and careers professionals.

This endeavour underscored our expertise in project leadership, customer-centric design, and the successful incorporation of AI-driven solutions in educational technology. It stands as a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries in creating transformative learning experiences.

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At inico DIGITAL, we have engineered training and assessment programs for Capita and its esteemed partners, enhancing leadership, product development and analytics.

During 2019-2022, our team played a pivotal role in a transformative project, collaborating closely with Capita and partners such as Knowledge Pool (KP), Competition & Markets Authority (CMA), Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), and the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders & Immigration (ICIBI).

Our role encompassed the end-to-end design and development of cutting-edge product simulation assessments, bespoke management and leadership training programs and innovative workshops on focus group and interview design. A key highlight was our facilitation of data analytics requirements gathering sessions, leveraging advanced methodologies to extract critical insights.

In the realm of product simulation assessments, we crafted dynamic and immersive experiences that replicated real-world scenarios, enhancing participant engagement and fostering practical skill development. These assessments proved instrumental in refining and optimising products, aligning them with market demands.

For management and leadership training, we curated customised programs that catered to the unique needs of diverse teams within the organisation. These programs seamlessly integrated theoretical concepts with hands-on activities, ensuring a holistic and impactful learning experience. The feedback received indicated a substantial positive impact on leadership efficacy and team dynamics.

Additionally, we conducted workshops on focus group and interview design, refining methodologies to elicit comprehensive and meaningful responses. This empowered teams to gather qualitative data effectively, informing strategic decisions and driving continuous improvement.

A pivotal aspect of the project involved collaborating closely with Capita’s partners. We navigated intricate partnerships, ensuring seamless communication and alignment of goals. The success of this collaborative effort is evident in the project’s outcomes and the strengthened relationships with KP, CMA, RBS, and ICIBI.

The culmination of our contributions was marked by the successful execution of a multifaceted project that not only met but exceeded the expectations of Capita and its partners. The impact was felt across product development, training effectiveness, and data-driven decision-making, solidifying our role as dynamic contributors to organisational success.

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At inico DIGITAL, we undertook transformative consultancy projects with InterTradeIreland from 2020 to 2024, serving as the sole consultant on a diverse array of initiatives. Our expertise encompassed eLearning, Web Development, eCommerce, and strategic marketing through SEO and PPC Advertising.

Collaborating with more than 15 clients, we played a pivotal role in the successful execution of projects that left a lasting impact on their digital landscapes.

In the realm of eLearning, we made significant contributions to the development and implementation of the eMerge program, ensuring a seamless integration of cutting-edge educational technologies. This involved tailoring content delivery methods to optimise engagement and knowledge retention for the target audience.

For Web Development, we led initiatives that not only enhanced the visual appeal of client websites but also prioritised user experience and functionality. Our focus on eCommerce solutions included the incorporation of intuitive interfaces and robust transaction systems, contributing to increased online sales and customer satisfaction.

A core aspect of our consultancy involved delving into the intricacies of SEO and PPC Advertising. We crafted and executed strategies that propelled clients to the forefront of search engine results and strategically positioned their digital advertisements for maximum impact. This resulted in heightened online visibility and increased conversion rates.

The Digital Sales and Digital Sales Advanced programs benefited immensely from our strategic insights. We collaborated closely with clients to refine these initiatives, ensuring they aligned with market trends and consumer behavior. The result was programs that not only met but exceeded performance expectations, empowering clients to navigate the ever-evolving digital sales landscape with confidence.

Our role as consultants extended beyond technical expertise to encompass effective communication and collaboration with diverse stakeholders. This multi-faceted approach not only delivered tangible results but also fostered enduring client relationships, marking us as a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of the digital arena.

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At inico DIGITAL, we are dedicated digital consultants transforming eLearning, Web Development, and Marketing for over 20 clients in Northern Ireland in partnership with Work West.

During our tenure with Work West Enterprise Agency from 2018 to 2024, we led transformative projects in eLearning, Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Instructional Design, and Graphic Design. As dedicated consultants, we collaborated with over 20 clients, providing strategic insights and innovative solutions to enhance their digital presence and optimise business processes. Our expertise extended across diverse programs within the Northern Ireland council area, encompassing North Down, Belfast, and Lisburn/Castlereagh.

In the domain of eLearning, we guided clients through the development and implementation of cutting-edge educational platforms, leveraging the latest technologies to create engaging and effective learning experiences. In the realm of Web Development, we led initiatives to design and launch responsive, user-friendly websites, enhancing clients’ online visibility and accessibility.

Our proficiency in Social Media Marketing played a pivotal role in crafting impactful digital strategies, enabling clients to reach wider audiences and foster meaningful connections. In Instructional Design, we crafted tailored learning materials, ensuring that content was not only informative but also optimised for comprehension and retention.

Moreover, our contributions in Graphic Design elevated the visual identity of various projects, employing creativity and design principles to communicate messages effectively. Through meticulous project management, we ensured timely delivery and exceeded client expectations, fostering lasting relationships.

Our consultancy extended geographically, covering key areas in the Northern Ireland council region. This diverse experience equipped us with a comprehensive understanding of local dynamics, enabling us to tailor solutions that aligned with the unique needs of each community.

In essence, our tenure at Work West Enterprise Agency reflects many successful collaborations, where we harnessed our skills to drive digital innovation, empower clients, and contribute to the growth of businesses across Northern Ireland.

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At inico DIGITAL, our team of tech consultants has been driving eLearning and innovation in collaboration with Innovate NI from 2018 to 2024.

Through participation in transformative projects, we’ve worked with more than 10 clients, extending our expertise across diverse domains including eLearning, Web Development, Application Design, UI/UX, and Graphic Design. As key contributors to the Techies in Residence initiative, we’ve played pivotal roles in fostering innovation and technological advancement within Northern Ireland.

Our consultancy work revolves around leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences, streamline web development processes, craft intuitive applications, and create visually appealing UI/UX designs. Engaging with a broad spectrum of clients, we tailor solutions to meet their unique needs, ensuring that each project aligns seamlessly with the overarching goals of Innovate NI.

One of the highlights of our tenure involved actively participating in funded support programs based on council areas. Through strategic guidance and hands-on involvement, we facilitated the successful implementation of projects that not only met but often exceeded the expectations of both clients and stakeholders. The impact of these initiatives rippled through various sectors, leaving a lasting imprint on the technological landscape of Northern Ireland.

Our ability to navigate the intersection of technology and design allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions that not only address immediate challenges but also position our clients for future success. The collaborative nature of our work, combined with a commitment to excellence, has resulted in consistently positive feedback and strengthened partnerships.

As we reflect on this period, we take pride in the tangible contributions made to the advancement of eLearning, web development, and overall digital innovation in Northern Ireland. Our role as consultants for Innovate NI has been instrumental in shaping a technology-driven future for the region.

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In 2023/24, inico DIGITAL embarked on a fresh project in collaboration with NI Chest Heart and Stroke and Queen’s University Belfast to design and develop an innovative online learning module focused on empowering individuals in managing asthma effectively.

Recognising the critical need for accessible health education, our team took a multidisciplinary approach, integrating expertise in instructional design and technology.

The project’s foundation was laid upon meticulous research and collaboration with healthcare professionals, ensuring the content adhered to the latest medical guidelines. Leveraging Articulate Storyline, we crafted an engaging and interactive learning experience that catered to diverse learning styles. This module not only imparted essential information about asthma management, but also facilitated active participation and skill-building.

The creative aspect of the project was driven by Adobe Creative Cloud and Affinity Designer, enabling the development of visually compelling graphics and user interfaces. The emphasis on user experience was paramount, ensuring that learners, regardless of their technological proficiency, could navigate the module seamlessly.

To enhance the visual storytelling within the module, Final Cut Pro was employed to edit and produce high-quality video content. This integration not only diversified the learning materials but also appealed to auditory and visual learners, making the educational experience more comprehensive.

Throughout the project, we maintained a balance between technological innovation and user-centric design, ensuring that the module was not only informative but also accessible to a wide audience. The collaboration with esteemed institutions further validated the credibility of the content.

The success of this project is evident in the positive feedback received from users and the recognition garnered from the healthcare community. This venture stands as a testament to our proficiency in blending educational design, technology, and creative elements to deliver impactful online learning experiences.

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At inico DIGITAL, we have transformed Access Group’s learning landscape, pioneering the design of Elemental Software tutorials with innovative eLearning technologies for maximum impact.

From 2019 to 2024, we have lead transformative projects at the Access Group, driving the design and development of an innovative online learning system and content. Our focus was on empowering Access Group’s staff and customers with comprehensive knowledge of the Elemental Software social prescribing platform. We integrated cutting-edge teaching elements such as ‘show me’ tutorials and engaging product simulations labelled ‘try me’, ensuring a seamless blend of instructional design principles and interactive learning experiences.

Throughout the project lifecycle, we harnessed a diverse set of technologies to enhance the learning journey. Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate were pivotal in crafting dynamic and responsive eLearning modules. Adobe Creative Cloud enabled the creation of visually compelling content, while Techsmith Camtasia facilitated the development of immersive video tutorials. Final Cut Pro added a polished touch to the content, ensuring a high-quality and impactful learning experience.

Our role extended beyond conventional instructional design as we collaborated closely with cross-functional teams, ensuring alignment with organisational objectives and end-user needs. The success of these initiatives was evident in the enhanced proficiency of Access Group’s workforce and increased customer engagement on the Elemental Software platform.

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At inico DIGITAL, we take pride in our innovative approach to addressing pressing environmental challenges, such as remodelling recycling behaviour through Machine Learning and user-centric design.

My eco app represents a groundbreaking solution aimed at inspiring and driving positive recycling behaviour among users. It harmoniously blends cutting-edge machine learning technology with thoughtful user-centric design principles to create an impactful tool for environmental change.

At its core, my eco app utilises machine learning algorithms to offer personalised and insightful recycling recommendations to users. By analysing individual recycling habits, the app adapts its suggestions over time, tailoring them to each user’s unique preferences and environmental impact. This approach not only enhances the user experience but also maximises the effectiveness of recycling efforts.

The user-centric design of my eco app is paramount, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for individuals of all backgrounds. The interface is intuitively crafted to guide users through the recycling process effortlessly. From identifying recyclable materials to locating nearby recycling centres, every aspect of the app is meticulously designed to empower users with knowledge and convenience. At inico DIGITAL, we are dedicated to be leveraging technology and design to drive meaningful change towards a more sustainable future.

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At inico DIGITAL, we undertook transformative projects for NICVA over the period of 2021-2024, with a focus on restructuring their training and education provision.

Our team directed the design and development of an online learning system, collaborating with subject matter experts to craft comprehensive courses in Project Management, Leadership and General Management.

Our role extended beyond traditional instructional design, as we incorporated innovative technologies such as Moodle, H5P, Adobe Creative Cloud, and TechSmith Camtasia to ensure an engaging and effective learning experience. Leading a dynamic team through the intricate process of content creation, we ensured alignment with industry standards and the unique needs of NICVA’s audience.

Our proficiency with Moodle facilitated seamless course management, enabling efficient tracking of learner progress and assessment outcomes. The integration of H5P enhanced interactivity, making the content more dynamic and engaging. Leveraging Adobe Creative Cloud, we crafted visually compelling materials that not only conveyed information effectively but also elevated the overall aesthetic and user experience.

TechSmith Camtasia played a pivotal role in bringing concepts to life through multimedia elements, adding depth to the learning materials. This holistic approach to content development ensured that the online learning system not only met but exceeded NICVA’s expectations in terms of quality and impact.

Through effective collaboration with cross-functional teams and leveraging a diverse skill set, we contributed to NICVA’s commitment to advancing professional development through innovative and accessible online learning at inico DIGITAL.

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At inico DIGITAL, we pride ourselves on being innovative instructional designers and developers, specialising in eLearning solutions for diverse subjects.

Over the period 2018 to 2024, we have overseen transformative projects at Volunteer Now, demonstrating expertise in instructional design and content development. Taking charge of designing and developing an innovative online learning system focused on Safeguarding, Volunteering, Management and Motivation, we collaborated closely with subject matter experts to facilitate the creation of engaging and comprehensive content.

Our role involved meticulous instructional design, ensuring alignment with the diverse needs of the audience. We successfully implemented cutting-edge technologies and platforms, including Moodle, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Creative Cloud and Final Cut Pro, to bring the learning experience to new heights.

Leading a dynamic team through the entire project life cycle, from concept to execution, we fostered a collaborative environment that encouraged creativity and efficiency. The online learning system not only met but exceeded the project’s objectives, providing an interactive and accessible platform for users to enhance their skills and knowledge in key areas.

Our commitment to quality and innovation was evident in the seamless integration of various multimedia elements, ensuring a rich and engaging learning experience. The success of these projects not only showcased our technical proficiency but also highlighted our ability to work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders, ensuring the delivery of impactful training solutions.

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At inico DIGITAL, we undertook a transformative project for Aetopia and 5 Force DAMS in 2023, revolutionising their assets and evidence management platform.

Our comprehensive approach involved designing and developing interactive content tailored for both police officers and the public.

Leveraging innovative instructional techniques, we integrated ‘show me’ teaching elements to guide users seamlessly through the system’s functionalities. Additionally, we introduced cutting-edge ‘try me’ product simulation elements to facilitate hands-on learning experiences.

The success of the project was attributed to our adept blend of creativity and technical proficiency. We utilised Adobe Captivate and Adobe Creative Cloud to craft engaging and informative instructional content. Techsmith Camtasia played a crucial role in creating immersive ‘show me’ elements, offering users a visual walkthrough of the platform’s features. Final Cut Pro was employed to enhance the overall production quality, ensuring a polished and professional presentation.

This endeavour demanded a nuanced understanding of user needs, coupled with a strategic approach to content delivery. The outcome was a user-centric platform that empowered police officers and the public alike in efficient assets and evidence management. The project not only met but exceeded expectations, fostering a more intuitive and accessible system for all users involved. At inico DIGITAL, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive meaningful outcomes for our clients.

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At inico DIGITAL, we have transformed legal education through innovative web content and AI Chatbot development for the Children’s Law Centre.

Over the period from 2019 to 2024, our team completed transformative projects at the Children’s Law Centre, blending creativity and technology to enhance educational experiences. As key contributors, we meticulously designed and developed engaging web educational content aimed at empowering young minds with legal knowledge. These initiatives required not only a profound understanding of legal intricacies but also adept utilisation of cutting-edge technologies.

One of the pivotal achievements during our tenure was the conceptualisation and implementation of an AI Chatbot powered by Google Dialogflow. This innovative solution facilitated seamless interaction and provided an intuitive platform for users to seek legal guidance. The integration of Dialogflow ensured an intelligent and context-aware conversational experience, enhancing accessibility to legal information for a diverse audience.

Throughout these projects, we harnessed the power of WordPress to create user-friendly and visually appealing web interfaces. The versatility of WordPress allowed for a dynamic presentation of legal content, ensuring an engaging and informative experience for users. Leveraging Adobe Creative Cloud, we added a creative touch to the educational materials, combining aesthetics with functionality.

In summary, our role at the Children’s Law Centre was marked by a commitment to marrying legal education with technological innovation. We navigated the complexities of legal content while harnessing the potential of WordPress, Adobe Creative Cloud and Google Dialogflow. The culmination of these efforts resulted in an enriched online educational platform and an AI Chatbot, contributing significantly to the Centre’s mission of empowering the younger generation with legal knowledge.

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At inico DIGITAL, we embarked on a groundbreaking project in 2021, collaborating with Severfield to design and develop an immersive online learning module focused on Quality Management and ISO 9001 standards.

Serving as the project lead, our responsibilities encompassed the entire process of design and development, ensuring the module met the highest educational standards.

Our approach demanded a comprehensive instructional design strategy, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to achieve this goal. Articulate Storyline formed the foundation for creating interactive and engaging content, delivering a seamless learning experience. Adobe Creative Cloud played a crucial role in crafting visually compelling graphics and multimedia elements, enhancing the module’s aesthetic and user experience.

Precision and innovation were paramount, and Affinity Designer allowed us to infuse a distinctive visual identity into the module, resonating with the target audience. Additionally, Final Cut Pro facilitated the seamless integration of high-quality videos, enriching the learning environment further.

The collaborative nature of the project necessitated effective communication and coordination with the Severfield team, ensuring alignment with their objectives and industry expertise. Through strategic planning and iterative development, we successfully delivered a module that not only met but exceeded expectations.

This project not only showcased our proficiency in utilising advanced eLearning development tools but also highlighted our ability to collaborate seamlessly with industry partners, resulting in a product that adds tangible value to the field of Quality Management.

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At inico DIGITAL, we undertook a transformative project between 2022 and 2023 focused on designing and developing a cutting-edge mobile application tailored for workplace support.

Our team led the entire spectrum of the development life cycle, with a primary emphasis on customer-centric design principles.

The project began with meticulous exploration of user needs and preferences, ensuring seamless integration of customer feedback into the application’s architecture. This approach facilitated the creation of an intuitively navigable interface, optimising user experience and engagement. Throughout the development process, we prioritised a user-centric mindset, collaborating closely with cross-functional teams to implement design thinking methodologies.

An innovative aspect of this project involved the incorporation of generative AI, enhancing the application’s capability to provide personalised support to individual users. The integration of artificial intelligence not only elevated the functionality of the application but also enabled dynamic adaptation to users’ evolving needs.

The resulting mobile application stands as a testament to our proficiency in project management, design thinking, and the seamless integration of advanced technologies. It represents a comprehensive solution for workplace support, embodying the principles of user-centred design and cutting-edge AI integration.

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